Operating a successful business can be measured in numerous ways. From the bottom line financials of profitability, to growing the customer base and expanding locations and service offerings, to longevity and the ability to weather business cycles and the natural ebbs and flows of the economy.

While each of these metrics are valuable and important factors that provide insight into a business, for the Speech Pathology Group, what we care about most is our client and therapist satisfaction. Every decision our leadership team makes is geared towards one goal, and that is ensuring we provide the highest quality therapy services in an environment where our clients and team feels supported, engaged and fulfilled.

At SPG, our bottom line revolves around family. Do you feel like a part of our family? Is there trust and an easy working relationship? Do we learn from each other, collaborate, and know that the opinions of all our staff are valued when it comes to making decisions? SPG strives to be one big family, and we want everyone that interacts with us to feel it too.

Our Clients

Referrals say it all. With every interaction – from new-client intake, to evaluations, scheduling, billing and paperwork, treatment options, etc. – SPG wants one result, that our clients walk away delighted customers that would eagerly and willingly recommend our practice to others 100% of the time.

To do this, our clients can expect the following from SPG:

  • Quality care and treatment
  • Cutting-edge services that are both unique and evidence-based
  • Easy working relationship – flexibility with scheduling
  • Time and attention
  • One-Stop: multiple disciplines under the same roof
  • Support groups and training
  • Diverse locations – schools, offices, aquatic, home

As one client summed up, “SPG makes it easy for us. They are flexible, efficient, creative, and fun to work with!”

Our Therapists and Staff

Happy staff, happy clients! It really is that simple. When the therapists and support staff at SPG feel valued and engaged in their work, the inevitable result is quality care and treatment for our clients. “At one point in my career, I worked at a practice where it felt like one big family,” explained Rachel Criscuolo, founder of SPG. “I loved going to work. There was guidance and opportunities for me to grow and develop, and an openness to share and connect. I could express concerns or areas where I saw improvement needed, and in return, I was met with security and loyalty. I promised myself, if I ever led my own practice, those same values would be at the heart of everything. With each new step as SPG grows, we consciously consider how that change will affect our clients and staff, and only take those that continue to foster a feeling of family.”

In this vein, our therapists and support staff can expect the following:


  • Collaboration – learning from each other, developing new skills and knowledge
  • Flexible work environment that adjusts as individual needs grow and change
  • A part of the decision-making processes
  • Adherence to the highest standards, in CT and beyond
  • Quality IT systems for efficient and effective communications and office processes
  • Recognized and rewarded performance goals: quality service and creative solutions
  • Above average pay and incentives

Join Our Family

Whether you are in need of therapy services and trying to find the right place for you or your child, or a therapist wanting to join a practice that cultures an environment designed to let you thrive, know that when walking through the doors of the Speech Pathology Group, you are walking into our home and becoming a part of our family. Come on in. We’re excited to have you!