Kindergarten Milestones

How do I know if my child is ready for Kindergarten?

Check out the Kindergarten age developmental Milestones below to see what your child should be doing by 4 and 5 years old.


4 Years Old
  • Behavior is easily redirected
  • Enjoys doing new things
  • Plays “mom” and “dad”
  • Is more and more creative with make-believe play
  • Would rather play with other children than by him or herself
  • Cooperates with other children
  • Often can’t tell what’s real and what’s make-believe
  • Talks about what he/she likes and what he/she is interested in
5 Years Old
  • Wants to please friends
  • Wants to be like friends
  • More likely to agree with the rules
  • Likes to sing, dance, and act
  • Can tell what’s real and what’s make-believe
  • Shows more independence


4 Years Old
  • Correctly uses pronouns “he” and “she”
  • Sings songs or says a poem from memory such as the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” or the “wheels on the Bus”
  • Tells stories
  • Can say first and last name
5 Years Old
  • Clearly understood by others
  • Tells a simple story using full sentences
  • Uses future tense; for example “Grandma will be here”.
  • Says name and address

Cognitive (learning, thinking, problem-solving)/Literacy Skills

4 Years Old
  • Able to print first name
  • Able to print last name
  • Knows letter sounds
  • Identifies rhyming words (i.e. cat/hat)
  • Names some colors and numbers
  • Understands the idea of counting
  • Remembers part of a story
  • Plays board games
  • Tells you what he/she thinks is going to happen next in a book
5 Years Old
  • Counts 10 or more things
  • Can draw a person with at least 6 body parts
  • Can print some letters and numbers
  • Knows about things used daily (i.e. money, food).

Fine Motor/Self Help Skills

4 Years Old
  • Copies a horizontal line and circle
  • Can put on/ take off coat
  • Puts shoes on the correct feet
  • Brushes own teeth
  • Fastens large buttons
  • Cuts a piece of paper in half with scissors
  • Uses restroom independently
  • Zips most zippers
5 Years Old
  • Colors between the lines
  • Cut basic and complex shapes on the line without deviations
  • Completes simple dot-to-dot pictures
  • Copies color/shape sequences
  • Draws triangle and x
  • Imitates writing first name
  • Draw a human figure with at least 8 parts
  • Dresses self with correct orientation
  • Ties shoes independently
  • Completes fasteners on self
  • Puts belts through loops
  • Bathes self with help
  • Brushes teeth with follow up from parent

Movement/Physical Development

4 Years Old
  • Hops and stands on one foot up to 2 seconds
  • Catches a bounced ball most of the time
  • Pours, cuts with supervision, and mashes own food
5 Years Old
  • Skips using opposing arms and legs for at least 10 feet while maintaining balance
  • Roller skates
  • Bounces and catches small ball
  • Kicks ball at least 12 feet
  • Rides bike with training wheels
  • Stands on either foot with eyes closed for at least 5 seconds, eyes open for at least 10 seconds.
  • Dribbles a ball walking forward
  • Jumps forward 36 feet.

Concerned about your child’s development?

ACT EARLY- Reach out to us at SPGCT if your child:

  • Doesn’t show a wide range of emotions
  • Shows extreme behavior (unusually fearful, aggressive, shy or sad)
  • Unusually withdrawn and not active
  • Is easily distracted, has trouble focusing on one activity for more than 5 minutes.
  • Doesn’t respond to other people
  • Can’t tell what’s real and what’s make believe
  • Doesn’t play a variety of games and activities
  • Can’t give first and last name
  • Doesn’t use plurals or past tense
  • Doesn’t talk about daily activities or experiences
  • Doesn’t draw pictures
  • Can’t brush teeth, wash and dry hands, or get undressed without help
  • Loses skills he/she once had.

Kind Words

We create relationships and are grateful to our many parents, agencies, and school counselors for their support throughout the years.


“I appreciate all of your, and your staffs’, efforts over the past several months.  I have received a number of very positive remarks from my colleagues regarding the quality of everyone’s work.”


“ We switched from a large practice to SPGCT because I felt my child was lost in the mix. Rachel is on top of insurance claims and sends frequent emails to stay connected.”


“If there has ever been a parental, administrative or teacher concern – the ladies have jumped in immediately to help. It is evident these SLP’s have worked in our school systems for years.”


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