Rachel Criscuolo, SLP, Owner

“Does my child require additional services outside of therapy they are receiving in school?”  This question can be problematic for a school-based clinician to answer.  If a school-based clinician says, “yes, your child would benefit from additional therapy”, the school district would likely be liable to pay for these outpatient services.  Because of this, many therapists will just say “no” to avoid any conflict. It puts them in a difficult position. You will likely hear a school-based clinician respond with “I would ask your pediatrician or ENT.” Or “it could be a good idea.” Or, “the therapy we are doing in schools is working for his educational goals.”

When a parent is unaware of this, they may not follow up and get additional private therapy, even when it would be beneficial for their child.  At The Speech Pathology Group, our answer to this question is if you think your child may benefit from additional services and can afford outpatient therapy, yes, we suggest you do both! This chart can also be a helpful resource highlighting the differences between school and outpatient therapy.

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