Kylie Vaccarelli MA, BCBA, LBA
Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Kylie Vaccarelli is a committed Board Certified Behavior Analyst who holds a Master of Arts in Special Education with a concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis from Arizona State University. With a strong passion for her field, Kylie finds immense joy in witnessing the progress and positive changes made by her kiddos. She is particularly enthusiastic about Skills-Based Treatment (SBT), which allows her to foster independence and improve the daily lives of her clients.

Outside of work, Kylie finds joy in various activities. She values her time at the gym, enjoys exploring new destinations through travel, and finds solace in the pages of a good book. Additionally, she lived in Colorado for a year, has an undeniable love for chocolate, and is one of five siblings, which has shaped her appreciation for family dynamics and relationships.