Last week we discussed the challenges of balancing screen time. Technology is an amazing tool that has improved and bettered the lives of many. But it can have negative side-effects. Understanding the downsides and creating healthy limits is important.

Unfortunately, minimizing screen time can be a challenge for every parent. Screens can easily become a default tool to keep kids entertained, especially during these long summer days when they are home from school. The biggest hurdle is often knowing what else to do. Finding screen-free alternatives becomes a chore by itself.

Look no further! For the month of August, The Speech Pathology Group and Rehab Services is hosting a Digital Detox challenge for our families. We have compiled 31 days of Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy focused screen-free activities! This double bonus provides parents and caregivers with an opportunity to work on ST/OT/PT skills at home while at the same time developing habits and engaging in activities that do not rely on screens.

August Challenge Details

Families can collect the August Digital Detox Calendar during their next appointment, or download and print it directly here.

For each day, there are three activities listed – one for Speech, one for OT, and one for PT. Try and complete at least one activity every day, and check it off when done. Children can complete any activity, even if they are not receiving services for that specific therapy.

At the end of the month, submit the calendar to the child’s therapist for a special surprise therapy gift!

Take Notes

At the end of the month, we want to know how it went! As your family works through the daily activities, take note of any changes you observe. Are screen time requests naturally decreasing? Are there any behavior or attitude changes? Put a star next to activities your child really enjoyed, and an X by ones that were a challenge.

When we all finish, we’ll reach out in September to hear your stories.