Meet Jackie Hernandez

Attention Spanish speaking families! The Speech Pathology Group and Rehab Services of CT is excited to announce that Jackie Hernandez will be joining the practice at the end of October to offer bilingual Speech Therapy services.

Jackie is a native Spanish speaker, who was raised herself in a bilingual family. Her personal connection helps her patients overcome many of the myths and cultural challenges families raising bilingual children face, especially those in need of speech therapy support.

“It is important to keep both languages,” Jackie explains. “Culturally, we’re a melting pot and being bilingual should be encouraged. It also strengthens brain development. There are a lot of positives.” She continues, “The negative assumption that switching back and forth could make speech delays worse is just wrong. In fact, minimizing Spanish – making the child a ‘subtracted bilingual’ is actually worse. Kids need that foundation. That native base language is a key fundamental.”

With only 6% of Speech Therapists fluent in two languages and able to support bilingual families, SPG-CT understands what a valuable resource this will be to the community. 

Jackie’s treatment programs will include sessions using just one or both languages, as individual goals are determined. She is also able to provide written evaluations in Spanish if requested.

When it came to joining SPG-CT, Jackie knew this was the perfect fit after meeting owner Rachel Criscuolo.  “They had this family oriented model that I had not seen in other companies,” Jackie said. “And they care about training me. I don’t start for another few weeks, and yet I already have a ton of training materials and information to make sure I’m comfortable, prepared and can seamlessly transition in the practice.”

Jackie’s official first day will be on October 25. She will be working out of the Shelton location. Contact our office to get on her calendar or with any additional questions on how to get started with a bilingual ST treatment program.