Aquatic Therapies

WHY A POOL? Almost every child can benefit from aquatic speech or occupational therapy sessions. Being in the water provides an environment with unique advantages over other treatments.

We have many children that are working on daily living skills and routines. Aquatic therapy sessions are a perfect opportunity to practice these skills:

Before the pool the children can practice undressing and dressing routines, and a toileting routine. After each session the children can practice shower routines and, again, dressing routine.

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Water provides a gentle and potentially relaxing environment.
Water is motivating and reinforcing. Splashing, pouring, jumping, kicking!
Water enables some children to tolerate tactile cues used to facilitate speech production and articulation.
Many children will engage and attend to tasks for longer periods of time in the water.
Water provides the PERFECT opportunity for playing games, social language skills and developing social skills with peers and other adults.
Pictures and iPads can be adapted to be used for aquatic speech therapy sessions.
The natural resistance of the water can provide a calming effect for many children. The consistent sensory feedback their bodies receive in the water help active, sensory seeking children to relax and focus.

Aquatic Occupational Therapy


Purposeful and meaningful activity for children is play. Children learn through play and play is used in pediatric treatment sessions. Water play, therefore, is becoming increasingly popular for sensory integration, developmental coordination disorder, attention deficits, hyper active children, cerebral palsy and many other conditions.

The swimming pool can be transformed into a sensory room with different treatment stations that have different treatment aims such as memory development, coordination development , proprioceptive and vestibular feedback. This is done using different props within the water. Each exercise and activity can include one or all of the senses such as visual, auditory, tactile etc as well as using memory, sequencing and other cognitive processes.The water adds a new dimension to the senses, giving resistance where it is needed and helping with movement flow as required. It is a great way to incorporate strengthening exercises and promote general fitness for the children.


Aquatic Speech Therapy


For children with speech needs, being in the water provides an environment with unique advantages over treatment exclusively on land. Many people are familiar with use of pool settings for physical and occupational therapy; however, some are surprised to learn about the many benefits of a water-based speech therapy setting for enhancing speech-language development.

Kind Words

We create relationships and are grateful to our many parents, agencies, and school counselors for their support throughout the years.


“I appreciate all of your, and your staffs’, efforts over the past several months.  I have received a number of very positive remarks from my colleagues regarding the quality of everyone’s work.”


“ We switched from a large practice to SPGCT because I felt my child was lost in the mix. Rachel is on top of insurance claims and sends frequent emails to stay connected.”


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“I have been a contractor for many years - but this is the first time I have worked for a practice that is run by a fellow SLP - and what a difference it makes! Rachel truly understands our needs and our worth.”



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