As we head into the summer months, The Speech Pathology Group and Rehab Services is excited to announce our in-home ABA aquatic sessions are now available, as well as daytime hours for individualized ABA support.

Aquatic Therapy Benefits

As one of the sole providers of aquatic therapy in the area, SPG is thrilled that current conditions allow us to offer this invaluable option to our clients and families. 

For years, SPG has found that integrating an aquatic environment offers unique advantages over other treatment settings. Being surrounded with water comforts and soothes. It encourages a sense of relaxation and freedom of movement that positively promotes responses to therapy practices.

Additionally, these pool sessions offer an added opportunity for children that are working on their daily living skills — another example of how ST, OT and PT can work together. For example, kids will need to practice their undressing and dressing routines when donning a swimsuit, toilet routines before a session, and then showering and redressing at the conclusion.

Aquatic therapy is a cornerstone of our programming and we encourage all families to consider integrating it into their treatment plans.

Summer Hours for ABA

Our in-home and clinic-based ABA services, with the option to integrate ST, OT and PT, offer individualized programs with caregiver training as an integral factor. Flexible scheduling has always been a priority in making services convenient for families, and as we head into these summer months, SPG is offering daytime hours.

Families can now schedule sessions Monday through Friday, between the hours of 12:30 to 3:30pm. Anyone interested in taking advantage of these new times, should contact our scheduling office to make arrangements.

Any additional questions on the aquatic sessions or ABA programs is welcome to reach out. We’re here to help book appointments, get evaluations and treatment plans underway, and make these coming summer months productive and fruitful.